Castello D'Albola

Castello d'Albola (alt. 602 mt.), situated on a hilltop near the source
of the Pesa, probably derived its name from the Etruscan Aibuia, one
common among the Lucumone (Etruscan ruling class) of the area. lt
is comprised of the well-preserved (recently reconstructed) castle
built around the year one thousand; the church, flanked on one side
by the graveyard and on the other by the canonica, parsonage, and
surrounded by stone-walled embanquements; in addition three other
very old houses.

Villa Albola

The Zonin family Villa in the picture is near the castle. You find the picture on the lable of the bottles of wine produced in the wineyards surrounding this amazing structure


Villa Albola Wine

The Zonin family, one of the big of the wine industry in Italy have this magnificent room devoted to the wine tasing. It is quite incredible the amount of different kind of wine and tasting you can have from the same land. They have also a Vin Santo (even if the best is that of Isole e Olena).

Here where the wine sleeps before being bottled ....

Here the Vinsantaia, the Vin Santo need to feel the temperature excursions, cold in winter and hot on summer so it is usually stored under the roof. 


The surroundings of Radda in Chianti have several interesting place to visit: an half day tour can be dovoted to visit the Castello di Monterinaldi, Castello di Volpaia, Castello d'Albola and Santa Maria Novella and Montevertine



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