Here are some video turned on the land to give a filmic vision of the country:

See the Video on Vertine This is the medieval village of Vertine in the Chianti region near Gaiole in Chianti. The village is on the top of an hill and from there you can see the Meleto Castle and also Radda in Chianti. In the video you first see the Meleto Castle, just the top of the towers due to the vegetations and than you see also the Radda village of Chianti. Zomming on it for the final. For maps to locate the village you can visit this link.

second video on Vertine Another view of the stony houses in the village of Vertine near Gaiole in Chianti

See the video of Spaltenna Spaltenna is a stony church near Gaiole in Chianti. You reach this Church coming from Vertine towards Gaiole. Also a luxury hotel and restaurant. A very nice park and the stony complex. For maps to locate the castle you can visit this link.

Video of Meleto Castle The Meleto castle is located near Gaiole in Chianti. From the castle you have the view of the village of Vertine. For maps to locate the castle you can visit this link.

see the Video on Badia a Passignano The Abbey of Badia a Passignano and the countryside around, the Antinori wineyards and the hilly landscape, the inside of the church. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to visit the inside of the abbey where there is the last dinner painted by the Ghirlandaio. For maps to locate the Abbey you can visit this link.

see the video on greve and Panzano Just a short view of the house on the river and some new wineyards recently planted for getting the new crop in a couple of years to come. Also a final zoom on the fortified village of Panzano in Chianti (municipality of Greve in Chianti) to see more of Greve in Chianti and its famous market suqare (saturday morning) and to have maps to reach it you can visit this link.


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