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The main stations related to the Chianti area are that of EMPOLI, FLORENCE, SIENA and POGGIBONSI. Once you got there you can manage by bus for other destinations. The web pages of the italian Train are here you can select the station from where you leave and the station where you want to arrive and the web site will give you all the possible timetables and prices. In Florence you have several train stations but the station of reference is SANTA MARIA NOVELLA (also called S.M.N) the most central and the one next the bus station.


The public transport service is performed by the SITA and TRAIN buses, note that the company TRAIN is not a train but just an italian name of a business that operartes buses. That can be confusing ... You can utilize the public service from Florence and Siena to go and come back from Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Volterra, Colle Val d'Elsa, San Casciano Poggibonsi. In Poggibonsi you have a train station so that from there you can go to Empoli and from there to Pisa and the Cinque Terre. 

There is a central bus station both in Siena and Florence. The central SITA bus station in Florence is near the Train Station S.M.N. (Santa Maria Novella) as in the picture below.


North and south of Florence there are 2 villages with quite the same name "Barberino Val d'Elsa", and "Barberino Di Mugello" if you have to go in one of these 2 village specify always the full name otherwise you could get direction to the wrong places: they are both 30 Km far from Florence, it means that if you go to the wrong village you are 60 Km far away from the right place ... not a short difference as the difference in the name.

To get to the bus station when you get off from the train station in Florence you have to go to the exit at your right (looking the big panel with the timetable and the ticket office), the bus station is in the building in front of the exit. You descends the stairs, than cross the road (at the traffic light). Crossed the road you have to go to left walking on the sidewalk and continuing on it around the block, after two corner you will be at the SITA bus station. It is so near at the bus station that if you ask for the "Autobus SITA" quite everybody will be able to tell you the direction. You can download the Florence Map where to find where it is exactly.

The Chianti is performed by the "Autolinee Chianti Valdarno", the main routes as the follows:








You can find the whole lines at their page in Italian only ...

Here to follow just some excerpt from the official timetable for and to Florence. On the official web site you have also the timetable to and from Siena and San Gimignano. We suggest to always verify the correspondance of the official timetable with the timetable provided here.

To go to Siena and San Gimignano you will have to change bus in Poggibonsi. In Poggibonsi there is also the train Station to Florence, Pisa and Siena.

There is also a train station in Barberino Val d'Elsa, but it is only by name in Barberino because it is next to the Poggibonsi little town. It is always better for you to get off in the Poggibonsi station since you will have a telephone and shops and a taxi service while in the Barberino station only the desert !!

complete timetable Florence-Barberino-Siena and back in PDF

complete timetable to and back from San Gimignano in PDF
to get to San Gimignano first reach Poggibonsi by the previous link

In the timetable are utilized symbols as follows:

SITA buses from the Florence station to TAVARNELLE VAL DI PESA:

price of one way ticket Florence-Tavarnelle : 2,80 Euro

Monday to Saturday            
Start From Florence   Arrive in Tavarnelle    
5,55 am 6,55 am  
6,35 am 7,37 am  
8,00 am 9,07 am  
9,00 am 10,02 am  
10,00 am 11,02 am  
12,30 am 1,32 pm  
1,50 pm 2,52 pm except Saturday in the summer
2,30 pm 3,30 pm  
4,50 pm 5,52 pm  
6,05 pm 7,07 pm  
6,35 pm 7,27 pm  
7,50 pm 8,27 pm  


Sunday and national holidays          
Start From Florence   Arrive in Tavarnelle    
2,30 pm 3,35 pm  
6,20 pm 7,22 pm      

SITA buses from Tavarnelle to Florence station :


Monday to Saturday            
Start From Tavarnelle   Arrive in Florence    
5,58 am 6,55 am  
6,40 am 7,30 am  
7,28 am 8,30 am  
8,38 am 9,40 am  
9,48 am 10,45 am  
10,42 am 11,45 am  
11,37 am 12,40 am
2,12 pm 3,15 pm  
3,33 pm 4,35 pm  
4,28 pm 5,30 pm  
6,33 pm 7,45 pm  
8,08 pm 9,10 pm  


Sunday and national holidays          
Start From Tavarnelle   Arrive in Florence    
7,30 am 8,25 am  
10,42 am 11,45 am  
4,13 pm 5,15 pm  
7,58 pm 9,00 pm      



The public transportation in Florence is performed by the ATAF buses, they are usually orange in color. The web site for the buses is here.

The better way to enjoy the art and the culture of which Florence is overwhelmed is travelling by bus, that allows the tourists to move between the multiple artistic beauties.
In fact, itīs possible to use more than 100 bus lines, working until late in the night, that connect all the cityīs areas.
Because of it Ataf has thought alternatives tickets and passes that comprise more than one valid trips or conventions with the most interesting sites of Florence and its outskirtses.
Itīs possible to choose Agile Card € 10,00 or Agile Card € 20,00 that are cards comprising 12 or 25 valid trips.
Another valid opportunity are the passes that have variable validity:
- Ticket valid 24 hours
- Ticket valid for 3 days
- Multi-day tickets

There is also the integrated ticket Integrated ticket ATAF-Fiesole Musei that comprise two Ataf trips and the entrance ticket for the principal museums of Fiesole.

To facilitate the departure and the arrival of the tourists, Ataf has prepared a shuttle to and from the airport of Florence Volainbus ticket .

To make a tour of the city with headphones comment, itīs possible to choose The touristic line Citysightseeing , a bus that travels through the main monuments and interesting sites of Florence. Passepartour is the ultimate combined ticket which allows you to use all the urban buses of Florence: the orange ones of ATAFeLI-NEA and the open-top red ones of Citysightseeing.


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