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the lowest airfare from Europe to the Pisa Airport:

In all major cities world wide you will find city airports and regional airports.  It is the same in Tuscany, where you find Pisa Airport, only 80 km from Florence, situated near the coast, which serves as Tuscany's regional airport and Florence Airport in the centre of the region which serves as the region's city airport.

The distance between Pisa (airport) and Florence can be covered in only 45/60 minutes, depending of the means of transport used:  train, coach or car (via the expressway or the motorway).

Pisa Airport has easy access to the expressway as it does to the motorway, and the railway station at Pisa Airport is perfectly integrated into the terminal. 


 Pisa "Galileo Galilei" Airport is registered as part of the Florence metropolitan area.

What does it mean? Simple: that in travel agencies all over the world, when you request Florence as your final destination, on their computer screen will appear flights arriving at both Florence and Pisa, and the same occurs for departures.  What's the advantage?   Simple: you have in front of you the complete range of flights to and from Tuscany, thus increasing your options, making it much easier to find the exact flight you are looking for.  


Florence, one of the most beautiful cities of art in the world, is only 80km from Pisa and easy to reach: you can choose from a range of options: the Firenze-Pisa-Livorno Expressway or the A11 Pisa-Firenze Motorway; the choice is yours, as they both have direct access to the airport.


If you decide to take the train, you will arrive in Florence in an hour, where you will find an Air Terminal available for you to check-in for flights departing from Pisa Airport.



If you are flying for business, if you are coming to Tuscany for a holiday, if you are travelling to Italy or going on a trip abroad, Pisa Airport is your natural gateway: Tuscany is so much closer to your world.  The airport is found on Tuscany's coast, south of Pisa, and only 2 km from the centre of the city and the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, with direct access to expressways, motorways and railways. 

The ample availability of parking, car hire facilities, access to trains, the "Fly by Bus" service, taxis and the city bus service, makes the airport easily accessible with means of transport to take you to any location.


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Distances from Major European Capitals

Amsterdam 1,300 km
Berlin 840 km
London 1,100 km
Madrid 1,380 km
Moscow 2,370 km


780 km
Vienna 900 km
Zurich 610 km


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Distances from Major Italian Cities

Bari 800 km
Bologna 160 km
Genoa 190 km
Milan 310 km
Naples 550 km
Palermo 1.380 km
Reggio Calabria 1.120 km
Rome 340 km
Turin 370 km
Venice 340 km


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Distances from the Major Cities in Tuscany

Arezzo 107 km
Florence 80 km
Grosseto 150 km
Leghorn 20 km
Lucca 20 km
Massa Carrara 50 km
Pistoia 60 km
Prato 70 km


100 km


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Distances from Tuscany's Main Tourist Locations

Argentario 200 km
Chianti 80 km
Maremma 50 km
Monte Amiata 120 km
Foreste Casentinesi National Park 90 km
San Rossore National Park 5 km

Piombino (embark for Elba Is.)

100 km
Versilia 25 km



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